Mealtrify is formulated with essential phytonutrient, minerals, vitamins, soluble and insoluble fiber, enzymes, carotenoids, and antioxidants that stripped of modern daily food. Your source of these valuable nutrients is just a spoonful away to supplement your organ's essential diet.

· Consuming & Care

    • Powder Form 500g.
    • Rich in Fiber nutrients
    • 25ml Scoop is provided.


Suitable for age 1 yr old and above.

Keep Away from sunlight.

For Diet Meal Replacement: 2 scoops x 25g per meal. (Max of 7 days only)

ForSupplementary: 1 Scoop x 25g per day before 1st Meal / Breakfast.

For Colon Cleansing: 1 Scoop x 25g per day before sleep.

Mealtrify | Value Pack


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